Why do Software Companies Outsource Software Development?

Outsourcing is a process of transfer of operations by the operator to a third party, in order to achieve financial and managerial goals, such as reducing the development costs by reduction in labor and operational costs, improving the quality of software by passing of the software in chunks to multiple companies, reassemble it in order to meet all requirements and choose the specialists for each of the process required and to undertake and release high workloads in order to increase the speed and pace of development, hence increasing the rate of development of technology and its application by at least triple the normal speed of development of the technology presently managed without outsourcing. www.eleapsoftware.com are one of the best websites for finding learning management software .

The reasons why companies outsource software development are listed as follows and elaborated in detail below:

  1. Reduction of labor costs: Since most of the software companies are based on developed economies like the United States and the United Kingdom, the labor cost is high and inflexible, the employees of the firm in these countries don’t work overtime and do not prefer to work in odd hours when required, so in order to reduce the problem, the companies outsource software development projects to Knowledge based developing economies like India and China, since the labor out there is cheap, highly professional and they agree to work overtime in order to meet the client’s requirement for some extra pay, which is not a big constraint for these companies.
  2. Improving the quality of service: The companies are free to choose any company or country they want their software to be developed in and due to which companies outsource software development in order to enhance the quality of the software since the project is distributed to many companies. The parent company can choose any company that specializes in some part of the development process and choose another for some other part. Combining all the qualities a good product is obtained.
  3. Workload distribution: Since the projects are outsourced to various companies, the company is free to take any amount of workload depending upon the no. of companies they are handling and the amount of work distributed. This eventually leads to fast development of any technology, and faster progress of mankind with respect to time and technology. One reason why companies outsource software development is that software outsourcing has led to increase in rate of development of the software industry. It is speculated that the industry has developed with three times the rate it would have done without outsourcing.

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