6 Best Countries for MBBS Abroad at Low Cost – Edupahal (2023)

To study MBBS in India, candidates need to qualify for the “National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test” (NEET), which is conducted annually by the National Testing Agency. If unable to get a seat in the entrance exam, students prefer to study MBBS abroad instead of in India. Parents want their children to become doctors by any means because the profession is very respected by society. In this case, MBBS abroad are the best option for students as they offer low-cost study.

MBBS course fees abroad are less than in Indian private colleges. Most Indian private medical colleges charge a hefty amount for MBBS studies, which may not be possible for a typical middle class in India. In such a situation, abroad is the best option for Indian students.

But it is most challenging for students, even their parents, to decide on the best country. Hence, we will mention the top 6 low-cost countries, along with eligibility criteria, fees, and course duration.

Why Go Abroad for MBBS?

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Studying MBBS abroad would be the best option for those students who cannot afford the fees of private medical colleges. But if you can afford such a hefty fee, you can take admission to private medical colleges in India.

Students in India have to pay around 80 lakhs in private medical colleges and only four lakhs in government medical colleges. But, same you can complete the MBBS study abroad by spending around 30 to 50 lakhs. Also, there are more important factors that motivate Indian students which are as follows:

  1. A large number of seats are available in universities abroad which are required for international students.
  2. The cost of pursuing an MBBS is lower as compared to private universities in India.
  3. Universities abroad are known to offer top-level facilities, world-class faculty, and globally recognized degrees to their students.
  4. Upon completion of their courses, students are allowed to practice in the host country.
  5. Students pursuing their MBBS abroad only need to qualify for the MCI-approved Foreign Medical Graduate Examination or FMGE to practice in their country.
  6. Students can also apply for financial help and scholarships to further their medical studies abroad.
  7. Universities abroad also provide paramount safety and security for foreigners to study, so they feel at home in a foreign country.
  8. Many universities use English as the primary language of instruction in medical colleges to attract international students.

Best Countries for MBBS at Low Cost

Research shows how the availability of a limited number of government seats and high tuition costs in private medical universities compel Indian students to study abroad every year.

Every year 13 to 15 lakh students prepare for the NEET exam for around 91,927 government seats. So naturally, studying abroad is a better option for the rest of the students.

Therefore, along with the country, education standard, low-cost tuition, infrastructure and course duration, these factors play a role in studying abroad.

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These are the top 6 globally recognized countries to study abroad at low cost which is as follows.

  2. CHINA
  5. NEPAL

The following are the prevalent factors for furthering MBBS abroad: Before proceeding here, it is necessary to clarify a little about NEET.

Is NEET Mandatory for Studying MBBS Abroad?

The students must qualify National Eligibility Entrance Test to study MBBS abroad. It is a national-level examination conducted by the National Testing Agency. Generally, students cannot take admission to any university globally without clearing the NEET exam.

The minimum qualifying mark for the general category is 138 out of 720 in the NEET exam. Millions of students in India prepare for NEET every year, and only a few get successful. Moreover, thousands of students do not get seats even after qualifying for NEET due to insufficient government seats.

So, in such a situation, those who have a lot of money, who can afford the fees, and in any case, they have to become doctors, do not go out for studies, it would be right for them to enrol in such private medical colleges. But private medical colleges in India charge a vast amount for MBBS degrees, which is not possible for everyone.

Eligibility Criteria to Study Abroad

Each country can have its own set of rules and eligibility criteria. However, to study MBBS abroad, students must know the general eligibility guidelines for top countries.

  • Must have completed 17 years of age by 31st December of that year.
  • Must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 12th.
  • The aggregate percentage should be at least 50% or more. Studied English as a compulsory subject.
  • An eligibility certificate is essential for admission to foreign medical universities. The eligibility certificates are issued by the Medical Council Board.
  • Students are also required to pass the NEET UG examination, and it is compulsory.
NEET Minimum Qualifying Marks

Category-wise, minimum marks must be obtained in the NEET exam to study MBBS abroad.

CategoryMinimum Marks

The top countries and universities to study MBBS abroad for Indian students are detailed below. The list of all countries is based on accommodation, fee structure, quality of education, and other factors.

1. Philippines

MBBS study in the Philippines is considered one of the best education systems in Asia. It is entirely in English at a cost-effective and high-quality medical education system for students.

This country has a 90% literacy rate, which proves that education is of primary concern. Besides, Filipinos are considered the most competent in the world to speak English.

The Philippines is famous for its highest level of education and educational institutions. As a result, the country is a significant exporter of English teachers, nurses, doctors, and skilled workers abroad. It offers a Doctor of Medicine or MD, equivalent to an MBBS in the Indian education system.

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Course details:
EligibilityCandidates in 10+2 PCB Group with Minimum 50% Marks
NEET ExamNEET is mandatory
Minimum Tuition feeRs 4 lakh/year
Maximum Tuition FeeRs 6 lakh/year
Course Duration5.5 years ( Includes Internship)
Medium of InstructionsEnglish
Cost of LivingRs 13000/- to 16000/- p/m (approx)
RecognitionMCI and WHO approved
CurrencyPhilippine Peso (PHP)
Top MBBS Colleges
  • Our Lady of Fatima University
  • University of Perpetual Help Rizal
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College-School of Medicine
  • Southwestern University
  • Lyceum Northwestern University

2. Bangladesh

Indian students who want to study MBBS from Bangladesh can apply for direct admissions under the SAARC countries quota at very regular fees. Students can also apply to study MBBS in Bangladesh if they do not want to go through the SAARC program. To complete the MBBS course in Bangladesh, students will have to spend around 30-60 lakhs for the whole program.

Course details:
Eligibility12th PCB group, minimum of 50% marks.
NEET ExamNEET is mandatory
Minimum Tuition feeRs 5 lakh/year
Maximum MBBS Tuition feeRs 10 lakh/year
Course Duration5 years
Medium of TeachingEnglish
Cost of LivingRs 7000/- to 9000/- p/m
RecognitionMCI and WHO
Best MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh
  1. Bangladesh Medical College
  2. Monno Medical College & Hospital
  3. Enam Medical College
  4. East-West Medical College
  5. Medical College for Women and Hospital
  6. Delta Medical College
  7. Jahurul Islam Medical College

3. China

According to the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, only 45 universities in China are qualified to teach MBBS degrees in English and accept international students.

So, if Indian students want to do an MBBS in English, then, in that case, they have to take admission to one of these educational institutions. Otherwise, they will have to do medical studies in the Chinese language.

The cost of medical education in China starts from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 8 lakh annually. Therefore, they are trendy among Indian and international students as they get a reasonable budget. This is the reason that international students prefer to study MBBS in China.

Course details:
Eligibility12th PCB with 50% marks
NEET ExamYes, it is compulsory
Minimum MBBS FeeRs 4 lakh/year
Maximum MBBS FeeRs 6 lakh/year
Course Duration5+1/Year (One-year Internship)
Medium of TeachingEnglish
Cost of LivingRs 12000/- to 15000/- p/m
RecognitionMCI & WHO accredited
Top MBBS Colleges in China
  • Shantou University
  • Southwest Medical University
  • Zhengzhou University
  • Nantong University
  • Kunming Medical University
  • Xiamen University
  • China Three Gorges University
  • North Sichuan Medical University

4. Poland

Poland is another best choice for Indian students to do MBBS abroad due to the high quality of education, low tuition fee structure, and high growth rate. There have many Medical Schools, some of the most prestigious medical schools worldwide. Nowadays, many students from India are opting for MBBS in Poland in India.

Poland Medical Universities’ degree is recognized globally, and students can appear for the MCI screening test. In addition, MBBS facilitates Indian students with top medical universities in Poland, which MCI accredits.

Course details:
Eligibility10+2 in PCB 75% marks
NEET RequirementYes, Compulsory
Minimum MBBS FeeRs 6 lakh/year
Maximum MBBS FeeRs 10 lakh/year
Course Duration6 Years
Cost of LivingRs 15000/- p/m
RecognitionMCI & WHO Approved
CurrencyPoland Zloty

Top universities and fee structures

MBBS fee structure will vary from college to college. It may change over time, so check the details before admission.

MBBS Colleges in PolandTuition fee (per year)
Poznan Medical UniversityRs 6.2 lakh (approx)
University of SilesiaRs 6.4 lakh
University of WroclawRs 6.5 lakh
Warsaw Medical AcademyRs 6.3 lakh
Medical Unversity of GdanskRs 5.3 lakh
MBBS Colleges in Poland
  • Poznan Medical University
  • Medical University of Lublin
  • University of Silesia
  • University of Wroclaw
  • Warsaw Medical Academy
  • Medical University of Gdansk

5. Nepal

Nepal is one of the favourite places for Indian students to study MBBS. Proximity and flexible immigration policies have made this country an essential centre among Indian students wishing to study MBBS abroad. The entire program’s cost ranges from 35 to 45 lakhs, Nepal and India also share cultural similarities, and the climate makes it easier for Indian students to settle abroad. Some of the top colleges in Nepal to pursue medical studies are listed below.

Top universities and fee structures in Nepal

The candidates need to check MBBS tuition Fee details before admission as fees may change with time.

MBBS Universities in NepalTuition fee (per year)
Kathmandu University (KU)Rs 6.1 lakh (approx)
College Of Medical SciencesRs 5.5 lakh
Nepal Medical CollegeRs 7.5 lakh
Kathmandu Medical CollegeRs 8.0 lakh
Best MBBS Colleges in Nepal
  • Kathmandu University (KU)
  • College Of Medical Sciences (CMS Nepal)
  • National Medical College
  • Nepal Medical College
  • Janaki Medical College
  • Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)
  • Kathmandu Medical College

6. Russia

The high quality of medical education, infrastructure, and low tuition fees are the primary reasons students want to pursue MBBS in Russia. All Russian medical universities are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Medical Council of India (MCI), and 12 of these universities teach MBBS English.

The Russian government provides a subsidy for education, and the MBBS fee in Russia is meagre compared to other countries. Due to their international affiliation, all students pursuing MBBS from Russia can practice globally, including in India.

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Top Medical Colleges in Russia
  • Stavropol State Medical University
  • Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University (Nizhgma)
  • Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow
  • Belgorod National Research University
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • Orenburg State Medical University
  • Mordovia State University
  • Kuban State Medical University
  • Northern State Medical University
  • Siberian State Medical University
  • Ryazan Medical University, Ryazan

Which country is globally famous for MBBS?

Philippines is a globally renowned country for its training, quality education, and in-depth research, making it one of the most preferred countries for Indian students to study MBBS.

Which is the cheapest country to study MBBS abroad?

China is the cheapest country to study MBBS that is globally recognized.

Which is the top Medical university abroad?

These are the top universities abroad like Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, etc.

Which is the best country for MBBS abroad at a low cost?

It is challenging to choose a country between the Philippines and China, it can all be a personal choice.

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How many medical institutions abroad are approved by MCI?

There are 45 medical institutions abroad that have been approved by MCI.

Which are the top universities for MBBS study abroad for Indian students?

It will depend on different circumstances, but it will be Phillippines, and China in

Which will be a good option for Indian students to study MBBS?

If one cannot get a seat for MBBS through the NEET exam, there is a good option for Indian students abroad. Because there, one can get good faculty and quality education for less money, which is not possible in most Indian private medical institutes.



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