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Like other essays, an argumentative essay is not a very common type of paper for students to write. Usually, it is not assigned to the students quite often.

Writing an argumentative essay is a complicated assignment to do. A person with good writing skills can get confused at a point while writing this essay. But one can overcome all the difficulties by understanding the basics of writing an argumentative essay.

To write a persuasive, argumentative essay, the writer needs to be well prepared and collect information through research. Therefore, the scope of this essay entirely depends on the writing and research skills of the writer.

It is quite easy to learn how to write an essay only if you focus a little and stay determined. So keep reading this blog to learn how to write an effective argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Definition

An argumentative essay is a type of an essay in which solid evidence and facts are used to support the claim. The aim of such an essay is to convince the reader to agree with the argument that is being made.

In an argumentative essay, the writer presents arguments regarding topic of discussion. The topic of discussion can be a person, place, or thing.

Both positive and negative arguments are presented regarding the subject of discussion. Some argumentative essays could be that one side is presented more forcefully than the other. It all depends on the writer, and what side he supports the most.

Moreover, the argumentative essay is an entire genre of writing. It requires a detailed investigation of the topics. The student is supposed to conduct detailed research on the topic, generate a report, analyze the collected evidence, and decide how to represent the topic and which aspect to support in a composed way.

While writing an argumentative essay, it is not just the opinions that matter. The strongest points or evidence could not convince the readers if the language used is not compelling enough.

We can know the importance and complexity of this type of essay by the way it is written. To write this essay, there are three specific models that a writer needs to follow.

Types of Arguments

To write an argumentative essay there are three standard types of arguments. One of them is selected according to the circumstances and an argumentative essay is composed.

  1. 1. Classical Argument Strategy
  2. In the classical argument strategy, the writer states the problem and proposes a solution. The aim is to convince the reader that the solution you have proposed is the best.

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    The basic outline we use is a classical argument paper is:

  • Introduction: state the problem in the introduction and explain the reason why you chose this topic.
  • Background: Provide historical background and key facts about the problem.
  • Thesis: Create a strong thesis statement to explain the whole idea.
  • Argument: Put forward your main argument and provide evidence to support it.
  • Refutation: Convince your audience that opposing arguments are not valid.
  • Conclusion: reiterate the key points and provide a solid reason to support your point of view.
  • 2. Rogerian Argument Strategy
  • The Rogerian argument strategy aims to convince the readers by finding points of agreement. Basically, in this strategy, the writer tells the reader that opposing arguments are also considerable. The aim is to argue for the middle ground.

    Here's the basic outline of a Rogerian argument:

    • Present the issue: State the problem statement and the reason why you are addressing it specifically.
    • Summarize the opposing arguments: State the opposing points so that the reader understands that those points are also under your consideration.
    • State your points: explain your point of view.
    • State the brighter side of your points: convince the readers that your point of view is valid and beneficial for all.
  • 3. Toulmin Model of Argument
  • The Toulmin model is yet another model we use to present our augment. This strategy provides the reader with logical qualifiers to compose the argument to the extent agreed upon.

    It uses the following format:

    • Claim: The writer’s point of view, which they aim to prove.
    • Evidence: logical facts and figures to support the claim.
    • Warrant: This shows how the data supports the claim.
    • Backing: Additional logic and reasoning were used to support the warrant.
    • Rebuttal: Arguments against the claim.
    • Qualifier: They are short phrases, which help in limiting the scope of the claim. For Example: typically, usually, etc.
    • Exceptions: It further comprehends the claim by explaining the situations the writer might exclude.

    How to Start an Argumentative Essay

    Before you start writing an argumentative essay, there are certain important steps that you should consider to follow:

    1. Understand the Instructions

    The first step of writing any essay is to understand the instructions provided by your teacher. This will make your writing process more composed and easy.

    Understanding the instructions will help you write an organized essay and save your time as you will probably make fewer mistakes.

    2. Look for an Interesting Topic

    When it comes to selecting a topic, make sure that you choose an interesting and unique topic. Such a topic will attract more readers to your essay and will keep them stuck to your composition.

    Try to select such a topic that is interesting and unique. Use different sources like the internet, articles, and books for your topic selection.

    3. Conduct an Analysis

    A good argumentative essay has a strong and interesting argument.

    4. Use Authentic Sources

    To support your side of an argument, you need to have authentic and fact-based information. In an argumentative essay, you can not defend your point of view without having strong facts and logical data.

    5. Create an Argumentative Essay Outline

    An outline is one of the core elements of essay writing. It guides the reader throughout an essay. Unfortunately, most students do not consider it important and skip creating one, resulting in an unorganized essay.

    An argumentative essay outline has three main parts, and all of the information is divided among these sections. This arrangement makes an essay organized and meaningful. An outline has the following basic elements.

    • Introduction
    • Body Paragraph 1
    • Body Paragraph 2
    • Body Paragraph 3
    • Conclusion

    6. Create a Schedule

    Argumentative essay writing is an extensive type of writing. There is research involved, and analysis of different key points has to be done. All these steps require time.

    Creating a schedule is necessary here. If time is not managed properly, you will not be able to complete your essay on time. Thus, it is highly possible that you may miss out on something.

    Pre-writing steps may be minor but will help you a lot with essay writing. They help you stay within the provided instructions and follow the timeline.

    How to Write an Argumentative Essay

    Writing an argumentative essay is a logical task. You have to argue over a subject and convince your reader that your point of view is valid.

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    Moreover, while writing an argumentative essay, keep in mind that you are only defending your point of view in a very positive and subtle way. Therefore, do not use very aggressive and offensive words.

    While writing an argumentative essay, it depends on how the writer wants to proceed with the writing. It is his choice to start with explaining his point of view or the opponent’s view.

    A standard structure for writing an argumentative essay is mentioned below:

    Argumentative Essay Writing - Guide, Topics & Examples (1)

    Argumentative Essay Introduction

    Include a piece of brief background information to create a base for your main argument. Also, state the opponents’ view to keep things in a balance in the introduction. But, make sure to state the points of dispute on which you aim to argue.

    Apart from this, the introductory paragraph of an argumentative essay has the following elements.

    • Hook Sentence
    • Hook sentence is a catchy sentence written with a purpose to seek the attention of the reader. It is not just a grabbing sentence, but it also explains the idea of your topic.

      Usually, a famous quote or a verse is used as a hook, and the introduction mostly starts.

    • Background information
    • Background information is equally important as any other part of the introduction. It is the information that supports the purpose of arguments and stands for why you selected the topic.

    • Connect
    • It is a connecting sentence written to show a connection between the historical background and the thesis statement.

    • Thesis statement
    • A thesis statement plays a vital role for any type of high school essay or a commonly assigned writing assignment.

      It is a statement that explains the whole idea of the essay in a nutshell. It is the core of an essay, and the reliability of the essay depends on it.

    Argumentative Essay Body Paragraphs

    The body of the argumentative essay elaborates all the facts and evidence that you need to explain. They will defend your side of the argument.

    An essay usually has three body paragraphs. Each one of them starts with a topic sentence. These paragraphs are written to explain the key points.

    In these paragraphs, we include all the information we have collected to support the particular key point.

    Counter Argument

    It is an argument that refutes the arguments which you have mentioned earlier. A counterargument opposes your argument and expresses the opposite view of your thesis.

    A counterargument strengthens your argument because it shows that you have researched and examined both sides of the argument.

    This counter-argument paragraph contains the opposing point of view that a reader may pose against your main argument.

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    The last part of the essay is the conclusion. It is written after the body paragraphs.

    The first thing you write in conclusion is the summary of your thesis statement. It reminds the reader about the subject of discussion.

    Further in conclusion, you need to summarize other major elements that you have discussed. This summary should not exceed four to five sentences in total.


    To ensure that your essay is flawless and get a good grade, you need to proofread it. This is a very simple process. Here you just need to read your essay and look out for any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

    Most of the students consider this step as unimportant and skip it, and this is where they make the biggest mistake. Small grammatical mistakes can make your essay illogical and confusing.

    Make sure that you never skip this step and repeat it so that there is no room left for any mistakes.

    Argumentative Essay Format


    Longer Argumentative Essays

    When we have a complex issue or a broad argument, we need to write an essay. Argumentative essays that discuss multiple interrelated topics using many sources are relatively longer than other essays.

    The writer might also discuss the related topics or subtopics to convey and defend his point of view fully.

    Argumentative Essay Examples

    To completely understand anything, one needs to look into the examples. Similarly, to understand how an argumentative essay is written, you need to see a few examples.

    The following are some examples that hopefully will help you to understand all the parts of this essay. After looking into these examples, you will write an effective argumentative essay of your own.

    Argumentative Essay on Journalism
    Argumentative Essay Sample
    (Video) How to Write an Introduction to an Argumentative Essay
    Argumentative Essay Example

    Argumentative Essay Topics

    The topic of an essay is very important in any type of essay writing. Therefore, always choose an interesting topic. Apart from that, ensure that it is a unique and catchy topic.

    For an argumentative essay, the topic is a major factor in making it effective. For this type of essay, always choose a debatable topic. It should involve discussions about various aspects.

    Also, make sure that you have sufficient data and information to defend your topic easily.

    We have summed up a list of impressive argumentative essay topics.

    • Education should be free for everyone.
    • Why are Uniited States citizens rapidly becoming more obese?
    • Young people must have a right to choose when it comes to the military
    • What are the advantages the US educational system offers to international students?
    • Which secondary languages are worth studying today?
    • Is education too commercialized nowadays?
    • Smoking in public places has to be banned.
    • Alcohol usage should be controlled.
    • They should not sell alcoholic beverages after 11 P.M.
    • Energetic drinks should be banned and made illegal.
    • The most suitable age to vote.
    • When can citizens start drinking and smoking?
    • On the whole, is there justice for all?
    • Third World War should be Prevented by Russian and US Governments
    • Existing public school policies must be changed

    Follow this guide and write an effective argumentative essay. If you still think that you need assistance with your essay writing then contact us at

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