How to Get Free and Honest Book Reviews on Amazon (2022)

Imagine seeing an ad pop up on Facebook advertising your recently published book—an ad you didn’t pay for.

Imagine seeing your book appearing first in a line of recommended books on the product pages of similar books, and you didn’t pay for a sponsored ad.

Imagine hearing from readers that they learned about your book from an Amazon email blast that encouraged them to buy it.

Wouldn’t it be great to get all that free promotion?

You can—when you get enough authentic, approved reviews on Amazon.

Yes, Amazon Will Promote Your Book!

While Amazon’s algorithms are somewhat of a mystery, it’s a known truth that when your book accrues a certain number of reviews, or a lot of reviews in a short amount of (unspecified) time, Amazon kicks into gear multiple promotions for your book. Free promotion that would probably cost a fortune if you had to foot the bill.

The magic number to start the ball rolling in this free promotion is 50. Fifty reviews merits cross promotion and ranking your book higher than others in the same categories based on search terms. With 75 reviews, Amazon is triggered to send email blasts to customers who’ve bought similar books. Amazon utilizes customer data to provide relevant recommendations.

I get tickled when I’m reading a blog and suddenly one of my books pops up on the side—an Amazon-sponsored ad—suggesting I buy that book. No thanks, already have it. But it brings a smile to my face. Did I mention I love free promotion? I am sure you will too.

Every time your book is reviewed, the algorithms are updated, and your book’s internal ranking increases.

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While Amazon isn’t the only site where writers need reviews, it’s where most customers shop for books. Reviews you get on Amazon can often be used on other platforms, but no other marketplace engages in free author promotion as extensively and generously as Amazon.

Getting numerous, honest reviews on Amazon should be at the top of your market strategy list. Having the best keywords might help your book turn up in search results, but if you don’t have a slew of reviews, your book will be overlooked or dismissed by a large number of potential readers. High numbers of reviews adds cred to your brand and your talent as a writer.

Amazon also allows authors to give away their book for free for 5 days over a 90-day period (when enrolled in KDP Select). Why is this helpful in getting book reviews? Because it gives you great exposure to potential readers who might pick up your book because it’s free.

This also increases your chances of ranking high in the Top 100 Free Books list, exposing your title to many more potential readers (readers who might very well write a review for it—but watch for my warning further down).

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Amazon’s Rules on Reviews

Due to problems with dishonorable people, Amazon has developed tight rules regarding reviews. While these might seem annoying to authors, they serve to protect unscrupulous people from publishing gobs of fake or paid reviews to skew rankings and algorithms.

Here are some of the things Amazon forbids and flags (and may cause your book to be removed): paid reviews, reviews garnered through bribery (you offer something free in exchange for the review), and swapped reviews (arranging with other authors via social media sites to review each other’s books, which usually does not include actually reading said books).

Verified vs. Unverified

While it can’t be quantified, it’s likely that some potential customers look at how many reviews are “verified” purchases as opposed to unverified. A “verified” purchase means the reviewer bought your book on Amazon, whereas anyone who acquired your book via some other means (purchased elsewhere, given as a gift, a free ARC) will have their review marked “unverified.”

As a potential customer, I don’t pay attention to that. I’m more interested in what the reviewer says about the book. I know that many authors—myself included—send out files of their books to people for an honest review, pre- and post-publishing. So some of those reviews are going to be unverified. But it stands to reason, having predominately verified reviews could positively influence some potential readers. I wouldn’t stress about this.

Quantity and Quality

Getting book reviews takes work and time, and the last thing we writers want to do is waste time, spinning our wheels and getting no useful results.

However, it should go without saying that we don’t just want a lot of reviews; we want good reviews. Ones that are thoughtful, detailed, and personal. And that can take time to accumulate.

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It stands to reason that having a lot of positive reviews for your book is social proof that you’ve written something worth reading.

If you want to get a lot of reviews fast, and you’re willing to pay, promo sites like Bookbub (there are many!) can help. I’ve gotten up to 50,000 free downloads in one week via a Bookbub ad offering one of my ebooks for free. And that led to a truckload of reviews (not to mention future sales of my book and other installments in my series as a bonus). However, it can also be hard to land such ads, as the competition for slots can be fierce. It’s worth repeated submission, though, for the book review payoff.

Another way to garner reviews is to do some legit giveaways (but, here, you again run the risk of getting some negative or not-so-great reviews because the winner may not generally read or like your genre). Some of the sites writers use to do giveaways are Goodreads, Bookriot, BookishFirst, BookDivas, FreshFiction, and Kingsumo, to list a few.

While it can take some time, researching top Amazon (Vine) reviewers can net you some weighty reviews. You can peruse the list of these 1,000 reviewers and find ones who review books like yours (and if they leave a lot of negative reviews, beware). Even if you only get a handful of Vine reviewers to read and review your book, that can be super helpful and influential.

You can Google “free book review sites” and look for ones that promote honest, legal reviews, like OnlineBookClub. Reedsy has a list of 200+ book blogs, updated for 2020, that you can use to find reviewers of your type of book.

How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon: 3 Effective Strategies

You might utilize the above strategies to get a lot of book reviews quickly, but if you’re a writer hoping to build a solid, enduring, and stellar reputation, you’ll want glowing reviews to come in steadily that come across authentic and sincere.

Here are 3 aspects to focus on for the long run:

1. Develop Relationships

One suggestion that I never see mentioned but is one that has served me very well is to attend writers’ conferences. Not only I but many writers I know have gotten endorsement blurbs from some of the most successful blockbuster authors by attending conferences and creating genuine relationships.

Let me emphasize those last three words. If you go around conferences strong-arming famous authors [read: ingratiating yourself], begging them to spend precious hours of their life reading your book and write a glowing review, you are going to be labeled a pesky pariah.

Conferences provide opportunities to rub elbows with these authors, and engaging in sincere and considerate conversation could open the door to a generous and willing heart happy to help out. You may find only one, but that’s a great start!

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This is also good advice for any effort to garner reviews—be it from friends, writing associates, or your coworkers at your job. Don’t be pushy or whiny. People who sense your humility and genuineness will be drawn to take you up on your request to read and review. Give it a try!

2. Build Your Mailing List

The best way to get quality reviews is to reach out to those on your mailing list, your social media contacts, and those you’ve sent advance copies to. Ask them in a friendly, non-pressuring way to leave a review, expressing gratitude for their taking the time to read and review your book.

Even if you haven’t finished writing your book, you should get a mailing list started and work on building it. These folks are going to be your most faithful fans and reviewers. Some authors set up street teams (a group of super fans) and get them enthusiastically involved in sharing news about their new release, and once the book is published, they’re usually asked to post their honest reviews right away. With a mailing list, you can share excerpts of your new release and offer an ARC to any who want to read and review. I do this often with my new releases.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t bribe, coerce, or cajole.
  • When you send a copy of your book to a potential reader, thank them and tell them: “Be sure that when you leave a review on Amazon for me, you state that you were given a free copy in exchange for writing an honest review.”
  • DO ask them to give you an honest review. DON’T threaten them. You’ll make more friends this way, stay out of trouble, and have a clear conscience (reread above section on developing relationships).
  • Be professional. Remember: there is nothing disgraceful about asking for reviews or blurbs of endorsement for your book.
  • Provide a choice of epub, PDF, and mobi (Kindle) files. You can save a Word doc as a PDF, and there are free sites online that can convert from one file type to another. I like to put my cover on the first page, and it’s wise to test the file (send the mobi to your Kindle and download a program that can open an epub file (I use Adobe Digital Editions)

3. Encourage Readers to Leave a Review Right after They Read

While Amazon emails customers to leave reviews some days after they purchase anything on their site, a personal encouragement at the back of your book, along with a link (if an ebook), will probably persuade readers to leave that honest review.

This is what I write: “The best way to thank an author for writing a book you enjoyed is to leave an honest review! Click here to post your review of [book title]. Thank you so much for taking the time to let other readers know what you thought of my book.” I put a hyperlink in connected to the words click here (don’t show the very long URL).

If your book isn’t published yet, you will have to wait until you’ve at least got it up for presale (one good reason to use that feature) in order to get your Amazon book page URL. Once you have that, plug in the URL to your request for a review.

Once the book is published, you can use the link that directly goes to the book review page for your book. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to your product page once your book is live, click on the reviews button, then scroll down to the bottom and click on “see all __ customer reviews. Click on that link.
  • Now, grab the URL in the search bar at the top.
  • Only grab to the end of the numbers and include the forward slash. It should look something like this:

Notice that the URL includes “product-reviews” in there. That’s the nice, clean link to your reviews page.

So what happens when the reader clicks that link?

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She gets taken right to the top of your review page where there is a nice button that says “write a review.”

Why You Should Never Stop Attracting Reviews

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In order to stay ranking high and keep Amazon’s algorithm attention, you’ll need to get a steady stream of reviews over time. That’s why it’s not a great idea to tell all your fans or mailing list recipients to post their review on one specific day. It’s better if they flow in as a stream and not a tsunami.

Don’t run that free KDP promotion during launch week. Offer your book for free one or two days a month, and that will draw in new readers whose reviews will come in over time.

Consider using a free, reputable book review site—maybe one each month—to attract new readers. I recently did a NetGalley promotion (yes, I did pay for that), and netted a lot of readers who downloaded (for free) my book file. NetGalley reviewers are bloggers, librarians, booksellers, educators, journalists, and members of the media. Reviewers give your book a rating and offer feedback. My next step is to contact the reviewers who haven’t yet left a review and politely ask if they would post one on Amazon.

Keep in mind that any reviews you get, you can manually enter them through your Author Central account on Amazon so the reviews will show up on your product page. So no worries about pressuring readers to head over to Amazon to post it themselves. However, these reviews appear on your page’s Editorial Reviews section, not in the usual Amazon review pages (and so won’t be ranked by 1-5 stars or counted as part of your number of reviews).

Go back to your list of book bloggers and review sites. Consider contacting blogs on a weekly basis to accrue new contacts and get more reviews. Keep a chart of who you contact when.

How to Avoid Negative Reviews

Let’s face reality here: you will get negative reviews. But you’re in good company. The most famous, successful authors have plenty of negative reviews. Not everyone will love your book.

The few negative reviews I’ve gotten over the years have mostly been from readers who picked up my book during a free promotion. Some admit in their review “I never read this genre” or “this isn’t my type of book.” Meaning, they wouldn’t have bought my book (which makes me groan and mutter, “So why did you bother reading my book?”).

This is part of the tradeoff with doing free promotions. You will probably get reviews from those who don’t like or understand your genre, and, sadly, you can’t block or forbid them from leaving a review or remove said review. Good news is they probably won’t download your next book during a freebie period.

Here are some ways to fend off negative reviews:

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  • Have your book professionally edited and proofread.
  • Better yet, have a professional critique of your book before editing to ensure it’s well structured.
  • Make sure your formatting looks good, for both ebook and paperback. It’s not hard to learn how to format an ebook. Get Mark Coker’s free style book (Smashwords founder). I download Amazon’s templates for paperback and paste all my content in. Or you can hire a designer to help you. But do it right.
  • Write description copy that accurately describes the genre and story—don’t mislead potential readers. Also, if your book contains “heat” (venturing into erotica) or descriptive violence, warn your reader. It’s the responsible thing to do. And, honestly, you want your target readers to be enjoying your book.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep. This applies to self-help and other types of nonfiction. You might hope your readers will get healed, rich, happy, or successful by following your five-step secret method, but if you guarantee they will get these results, you are going to have some pretty angry customers leaving scathing reviews.
  • Your book shouldn’t be a thinly veiled advertising platform for other books or services. It’s fine to list some of your other publications or resources at the back of your book, and it’s wise to include an excerpt of one of those other books to entice readers to buy it (and putting in a link to buy is fine). But don’t have promotions and special offers sprinkled throughout your pages. It’s spammy and off-putting.
  • Did I mention you must have your book professionally edited and proofread?

Getting reviews on Amazon—honest, authentic reviews—will take time and effort, but it’s worth it. As the reviews pile up, you’ll see your sales ranking rise and your book will come up higher in search results.

But don’t forget the big picture: it’s about relationships. Build a fan base of happy readers who love your books. Take the time to master your craft, write the best books you can, take pride in them, and make sure they are professionally edited, with attractive covers and description that accurately describes your content. If you focus on those things and put out the effort, you will have a lot more than just reviews. You’ll have a joyful writing career.

Every Author needs reviews. How many times have you bought a book without them? Read on and learn how to get book reviews on Amazon (for free!)

Here’s another thing to avoid: Don’t ask readers, “Can you take a minute to review my book so I can sell more copies?” This comes across as desperate.. Here’s an example: “Did this book help you in some way?. It’s easiest to email the book as a PDF, along with a short call to action.. If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you’re someone I trust enough to (a) send a free copy of the book to in advance and (b) ask that you leave an honest review when it goes live.. If you were able to look at the book and enjoyed it, can you leave a short review?. Don’t give negative reviews more weight than positive ones.

Sustainable strategies that will ensure that you get honest Amazon reviews, that are compliant with their guidelines. Click here to learn more.

Go to that video because I share really how Amazon thinks and the best way, the most long-term and sustainable way to get reviews for your Kindle books or really any product on Amazon.. People can leave reviews on your Amazon listing, but they can't yet download and receive the book.. In order to get reviews and build up the hype and the buzz, and be able to give your book that boosts right out of the gate when you launch it; what I recommend for people to do is build a launch list.. Has a new book on weight loss.” Or this book's on dieting or this book's exercise.. Having this launch list and basically just putting in the time and finding potential reviewers of your book, people that would be interested in it and building that up.. By building this launch list … Again you want to find where people are hanging out that are interested in your book, that want to receive your book.. Even just going after the top reviewers on Amazon because Amazon rewards people for leaving reviews on Amazon.. That's another way too, that you can reach out to people and find people that can potentially leave reviews for your books.. Even if at the beginning you only start out with ten people or fifteen people, that's ten or fifteen reviews that you can get on your book either before it's available for sale on Amazon or right out of the gate.. Of course, if you guys want to learn more about how to market your book and sell your book on Amazon and on Kindle, I've got a great online training program called, Mastering Book Publishing .

Wondering how to get book reviews on Amazon? In today's blog post we take a look at 4 easy ways to get more reviews on all your books at Amazon.

Once the writing is done, it’s finished and you don’t have to go back to it.. Working on both will make a big difference to how your book looks and sells.. How can you get book reviews on Amazon?. 2 – Offer Your Book For Free – Nobody likes to give away something that they’ve worked weeks or months on, but free goes far.. If you’re an unknown author with no followers, you’re going to have to give some free content away to get in front of new readers.. The authors that do so have stable incomes and pay less for promotions.. You don’t need a huge list to make a difference to your book sales and reviews.. 4 – Ask Other Book Reviewers – One way to get a book review is to target someone that’s done it already.. In some cases, you will find reviews done by the average reader and you’ll find reviewers who Amazon recognises as worthy reviewers.. Once you’ve found some that you think would be a good match for your book, click through and find their Amazon profile page, this usually has the reviewers contact details.. While you’re not paying for the reader’s review (you’ll still get an honest one) these websites go on the premise that if you want someone to review your book you should really pay them for taking their time to do so.. And although it may seem like a lot of work at times, getting reviews for your book is one of the most important things you can do.

A step by step guide to the most effective and efficient way to get book reviews on Amazon, including how to get verified book reviews on Amazon.

Book reviews are important because 1) Books with reviews sell more copies, 2) Many book promotion sites require a minimum number of reviews to use their service and 3) Verified reviews are an additional metric Amazon can use to promote your book.. We work with many authors who run a free book promotion the very first week that their book is published.. KDP Select is Amazon’s exclusive program that allows you to run up to 5 free promotion days in exchange for publishing your book exclusively on Amazon for 90 days.. Within 30 days of your free promotion, you can expect 7-15 reviews on your book page.. Within 30 days of your free promotion, you can expect 5-10 book reviews on your book page.. You can expect about half of the reviews you received after your promotion to be Verified Purchase reviews.. The reviews you receive following a promotion are provided by real readers who are responding to your review request at the back of your book, or a review request from Amazon.

Learn how to get book reviews using the system that got us over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, plus tips on how to manage bad reviews.

The reader now sees how their review isn’t about helping you sell books (which isn’t what reviews are for anyway), but rather they see how their review is a chance to serve all readers at large by sharing their feelings about the book.. This gives people a reminder about leaving a review, it gives them an easy way to do it by providing a link directly to the book page, and finally, it gives them reasons why leaving a review is beneficial to them and others.. Whether you’re writing this in the back of your book, sending a private message to someone, or posting on your blog, it’s important to understand that the way you phrase your book review request goes a long way toward how people will respond to the request.. Another way to get quick book reviews is by reaching out to Amazon’s top reviewers.. My name is (insert your name), and I noticed you reviewed the book (Insert book title they reviewed).. Of course, you have no obligation to review my book, and if you do review it, you can leave a good, or a bad review.. You can use book review software to create a list of reviewers that have reviewed books similar to yours on Amazon and on other websites like Goodreads.. Once you’ve built your list of potential reviewers with the software, you can then send them an email or message on their website and offer to provide a free review copy of your book.. Authority reviews can be reviews from experts on a subject, reviews from librarians who are avid readers, or reviews from an established book review website.. If you’re writing a romance book, having a review from a top romance book blogger would also be considered an authority review.. If you’re offering them a free copy of your book with the hopes they’ll review it, you don’t make your offer conditional on them giving you something in return (a review).. My response was to thank them for leaving the review, point out some things in the book that they could find helpful, and then said “I would love to hear what you would have liked to know that wasn’t provided in the book to help even more people.. You’ve learned the importance of getting the right quality of reviews, how to handle poor reviews, and simple methods of getting reviews for your book quickly.

One of the best ways to make your book stand out is with reviews on Amazon. But how do you get them? Here are 3 simple ways to get more Amazon reviews.

In most cases, when a book has more than a handful of Amazon reviews, those reviews have been solicited.. My book ‘Book Blueprint : How any entrepreneur can write an awesome book’ teaches entrepreneurs how to create a blueprint so detailed that their book will write itself.. When it comes to those reviews, other shoppers can vote on whether or not they found the review helpful, which then contributes to the ranking of the reviewer themselves on Amazon.. Because Amazon gives you free access to reviewers who have the ability to read your book and provide a review quickly.. a) Find relevant reviewers I’ve found the best way to find reviewers is to find people who have already reviewed books like yours.. Reviewed the book in the last 12 months Left a review longer than one paragraph (after all, I want credible reviews, not someone writing ‘great book’) Also reviewed similar books (you can see this by clicking on their profile link, which has a list of all of the products they’ve reviewed). I saw your review of [Book Title] on Amazon and, when I clicked through to your profile, I noticed that you’ve reviewed a number of other books like this in the past.. These reviewers are reading and reviewing your book as a favour to you – someone they probably don’t even know – so be patient.. There are also a range of book review sites where you can submit your book, some of which will republish their review on Amazon.. Book title, book subtitle, author name, and price (eBook, paperback or both) Your author bio Book synopsis/blurb Links to your book’s listing on Amazon and other retailers Image of your book’s cover Author headshot Keywords (usually genre and other relevant terms). You probably won’t get told when your book arrives, if it will get reviewed, or if it has been reviewed.. Compile a list of reviewers and review sites​ Let me know in the comments if you’d like a list of the different sites where you can submit your book!. Please find enclosed a copy of my book, [Book title] , for review consideration in [Publication] .

Are you trying to publish an ebook on Amazon Kindle? If so, you probably know by now that you need some good reviews for that book to sell and rank better. But, you don't just need reviews, you need verified reviews too. Can you get sales without reviews? Yes, when I published my first Kindle […]

But, you don't just need reviews, you need verified reviews too.. But, to get the best rankings, you want to get verified reviews from people that actually go into Amazon and buy the book before reviewing it.. If you were just needing regular quick reviews, you could get them by sending them the pdf or word document version of your book and asking them to review it, but then Amazon wouldn't give you as much credit because it wasn't from a verified purchaser.. You can easily pay $5 for each review and possibly even send them a gift card for buying the book to review it.. When people read your book, they may forget to review it when they are done unless they are used to reviewing things all the time.. One way to get the people who buy your book to review is to have a page of the book towards the end dedicated to asking them to leave an honest review if they felt the book was as good as they hoped.. When you enter your book into KDP Select Free Promotions and you have you have a message on one of the last pages of your book asking for a review, you can get a ton of reviews just from that.. With KDP Select, you get a promotion of your book for 5 days where the book is free and it will help get more downloads and more reviews as a results of more people reading it.. To get the most out of this and avoid having to send a bunch of gift cards to people on Amazon to review your book, just promote the heck out of your book while the 5 day promotion is going on.. Another great way to get some Amazon book reviews is to go look for some bloggers who would want to read the book and review it for free.. Another way to find book reviewers on Amazon is to go look for other books in the same niche as yours and check for the reviewers of those books.. “Top 500 reviewer” “Romance” “Top 1000 reviewer” “Romance” “Top 500 reviewer” “Young Adult Fiction” “E-mail:”. Once you build a following and get some “go-to” reviewers that love the idea of reading your book for free in exchange for a verified review, you can use the same people for multiple books and keep growing the list.. Use this blog post as your checklist for getting reviews on your Kindle books and you will be able to get as many reviews as you could possibly ever want.

Discover how to get book reviews on Amazon for better sales! Follow these 5 steps to get reviewed by book bloggers (with bonus tips at the end.)

Because if you want your reviews to be in place by then, you’ll need to give people time to actually write them!. Before you pitch any blog, make sure you read the blogger’s review policy.. "Second, you may find that even if the site is closed for review queries, it's open to publicity queries — where you might be able to place an excerpt or do a Q&A or occasional blog post.. You'll never know if you don't take the time to read the review policy first.”. "When you pitch each outlet individually, specifically write that you read their positive book review of your comp and what that comp title was,” says Jessica Glenn.. If you want a review, ask for it!

Customers trust well-reviewed products on Amazon. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting legitimate feedback from real people.

My irrational (yet predictable) conclusion to buy the book was based on its seemingly endless number of Amazon reviews.. The book and product reviews on Amazon work the same way.. The more reviews that people see for your product, the more likely they are to buy it.. However, as social proof will have it, a four-star book with 463 reviews will persuade more people to buy it than a four and half star book with only 14 reviews.. Let me start by saying this: There are some authors (and product manufacturers) who post reviews of their own products.. There are a number of people on Amazon who have bought and reviewed products or books that compete with yours.. And since they already reviewed a competing product to yours, their review is highly credible.It is a simple process that works, and here is an overview of the steps you need to take.. You will need to identify and track to whom you are going to send your book or product.. How to get a review.

There still seems to be some confusion around what Amazon calls its Editorial Review section. Despite there being very strong evidence that it is a good idea to have editorial reviews for your book, authors are still, yes, still, muddling these up with the dreaded "paid" review. As COO of one of the major services

Despite there being very strong evidence that it is a good idea to have editorial reviews for your book, authors are still, yes, still, muddling these up with the dreaded “paid” review.. When authors talk about “paid reviews”, they are talking about individuals who offer their services to write 5-star reviews on your Customer Reviews section on Amazon.. (Good ones are us of course, Self-Publishing Review , Indiereader, Blue Ink Reviews, Clarion, Kirkus, and Portland Review) Is the service priced at more than $50 per review?. Then it is anEditorial Review, which is encouraged on Amazon in the Editorial Reviews section of your Author Central Page .. The service will offer to get you an estimated number of sales and reviews combined You will never have contact with the reviewers themselves as they are members of a public mailing list Reviews will be unbiased and honest with a range of star ratings you have no control over The service will give you a boost in ranking due to the fact members of the public will be buying books to review. However, bear in mind that the reviewer MUST disclose, “I am writing a review in exchange for a free copy of this book” and that the review will not be Verified, i.e. proof of purchase recorded.. Amazon says, “In order to preserve the integrity of Customer Reviews, we do not permit artists, authors , developers, manufacturers, publishers, sellers or vendors to write Customer Reviews for their own products or services, to post negative reviews on competing products or services, or to vote on the helpfulness of reviews.”. This is covered off when they say, “ We do not permit reviews … posted in exchange for compensation of any kind , including payment (whether in the form of money or gift certificates), bonus content, entry to a contest or sweepstakes, discounts on future purchases, extra product, or other gifts.” They also say, “We don’t allow anyone to write customer reviews as a form of promotion and if we find evidence that a customer was paid for a review, we’ll remove it .. Amazon says , “Customers in the same household cannot submit a review for the same product.” They continue, “ family members or close friends of the person, group, or company selling on Amazon may not write Customer Reviews for those particular items.” Again, if they perceive “a close personal relationship with its author or artist, we’ll likely remove your review.”. Is the review published in the Customer Reviews section of your book page only?. I’m not suggesting you need hundreds of thousands of dollars – we offer promotion from $99 up for example – but before you judge if you need marketing for your book, go take a look at these authors’ book ranking, and see how many books they have sold, and the quality of their book reviews.. If the reviews are biased Amazon would be removing the reviews from the product.” So in a nutshell, it seems Amazon doesn’t care how you procure the reviews, as long as they remain impartial.

Learn how to get Amazon reviews for your Kindle book by following these simple strategies to get you on the Amazon bestseller list. Click here for more.

Find Where Your Customers Hangout And Give Away Your Book To Them If you don't already have a list of subscribers or followers that you can send your Kindle book to and get reviews from, then you'll want to start finding them.. The reason why you want them to purchase the book is so that it shows up as a Verified Review on Amazon, which is the most valuable type of review you can get for your book.. Ask For Amazon Book Reviews In Your Kindle Book Another easy strategy for getting Amazon book reviews is just by asking for them in your Kindle book.. I also have a link in my Kindle book that goes directly to the review page on for my book, which makes it extremely easy for the person to review the book.. You can also include a little blurb or link for the customer to review the book mid-way through the book as well, so that you grab Amazon reviews from your customers before they have a chance to finish the book.. Use The KDP Select Free Promotions To Get Tons Of Downloads And Reviews If you have your Kindle book optimized to ASK for reviews (just like how I showed above) , then using the KDP Select Free Promotion service that Kindle Direct Publishing provides is very useful for getting Amazon book reviews.. Send your book to your friends and family and ask them: Could you browse through my book and if you find it valuable, post an honest review of it on Amazon?. Submit Your Kindle Book To These Sites For Free Amazon Reviews I recently compiled a list of websites that will receive your Kindle book and post a review of it for free for you.. Some will post a review of your book on Amazon, while others will also post a review of your book on their website as well, which can drive an influx of sales to your Kindle book.. The key is, when it comes to getting Amazon reviews on your Kindle book, you want to try to get reviews from as many different sources as possible.

Most of us have been there. Acquiring reviews is the bane of the fledgling indie author’s existence. I struggled with it for years; hell, I only cracked the code in 2016, after heading d...

That being said, if you have no reviews, or are staring at two reviews with a 3.5 Amazon rating, you likely don’t believe me.. Review services which distribute review copies of your book to their readers Asking your newsletter subscribers Creating your own ARC (advance review copy) team Setting your book to free and putting a review request with a direct link to the review form in your book’s back matter.. That being said, is having 250 or 500 reviews better than 50?. Hidden Gems ($3 per reviewer) # expected reviews: 20+ (50+ in some genres) Setup time: 5 minutes About: The most effective review service in the business by a large margin (think of them as the Bookbub of review services).. I’ve linked to the one from Xpresso Book Tours; to be 100% clear, I’ve never used their services, but they’ve been around for a long time (the co-op I used is no longer offered).. Including the link is important — it makes things easier for reviewers, and will increase the number of reviews.. And finally, always remind ARC team members to disclose that they received a free book with language a la “I received a free review copy of this book from the author.”. Make sure “please leave a brief review on Amazon by tapping here” links directly to the book’s review form.. Go and get some reviews.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to become a book reviewer for Amazon..(you stand a chance to get your hands on lots of amazing reads for free)

It’s an open secret that authors who publish their Books via Amazon really value book reviews- good reviews can unlock thousands of dollars in revenue and make a previously unknown writer a global sensation in just a few months.. Amazon itself relies on book reviews for honest and un-biased feedback when it comes to rating books and other publications on its publishing platforms.. Sadly, you won’t be paid to review books on Amazon- it’s against Amazon TOS and your biggest reward will be reading books before everyone else, of course, without paying a dime.. For example, you can use the book reviews that you’ve published on Amazon to apply for book reviewing gigs (there are tons of publishers looking for book reviewers) or even freelance book reviewer jobs with various Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers.. This is important because Amazon values and encourages diverse opinions as it’s the only way the book reviews can be helpful to book shoppers.. To preserve the credibility of the reviews, Amazon doesn’t allow reviewers to solicit cash, gift, or other rewards from authors or independent publishers in exchange of reviews.. In fact, even if authors and publishers are allowed to give free (or discounted) copies of books to readers, they must not request you to write a review or attempt to influence your review in exchange!. There are other guidelines to observe as you continue buying and reviewing books on Amazon if your sole goal is to ultimately get invited to the Amazon Vine program.. Do not resubmit removed book reviews – If your book review has been removed/rejected because it violated Amazon’s guidelines, you may not re-submit it, even if it now includes different content.. Only link to Amazon books – Reviews can only include links/URLs to other books or other products selling on Amazon.. You cannot write multiple reviews – You cannot post more than one review on the same book.. Step 2: Scroll to the specific book you want to write a review for then choose the book format- Kindle, paperback, audiobook, hardback, etc.- you’ve read.. Writing a negative book review will not impact your reviewer ranking in any way.

Reviews are one of the most important metrics for businesses selling on Amazon. While reviews are vital for any online business, they are 10x as important (and 10x harder to get) on Amazon. On Amazon, reviews have a direct impact on conversion rate, rankings, sales, and more. Which means your ability to generate reviews will make the difference between your product's success or failure. As such, one question - how to get reviews on Amazon - is the most important to answer for anyone looking to launch and rank a product. There are many ways to go about getting reviews.

Sell an awesome product Use product inserts Follow up in email Follow up in Messenger or ManyChat Facebook retargeting Follow up on Amazon Use the “Request a Review” button Check your seller feedback Enroll in the Amazon Early Reviewer program Use the Amazon Vine program Build relationships with your customers. So the only way to contact a customer via email is to get their email before they get to Amazon. If you have a list of previous buyers, and enough information to create a custom audience on Facebook, you can run ads asking for people to leave a product review.. This triggers an email to be sent from Amazon to the customer, asking for the customer to rate your product, as well as their experience with the seller.. Include a product insert with a request for a review Use the request a review button Follow up with email, Messenger or SMS. Do all this, and you’ll get more reviews than the average seller.. The best way to consistently get reviews is by selling a quality product, exceeding your customers’ expectations in terms of quality and customer service, and putting the work into building a brand with a following.. You can, and should, reach out to people with negative reviews and try to make it right.. Learn more about highly effective tactics to get more Amazon reviews, as well as how to comply with TOS, what makes a good review request email or product insert, how to deal with negative reviews, and what to do if your reviews get deleted, in our free e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Reviews .. Yes, you can still ask for reviews.

I was speaking with an Amazon employee recently. I asked her, "What's the most helpful thing an author can do to improve conversion of their book page?" This is what she told me: “By far, the most important thing an author can do is get more customer reviews.” I was able to launch my own

I was able to launch my own book with more than 25 book reviews on Day One, and recently saw it click past 200 customer reviews.. I’ve developed a tried and true method that will ensure that, when you launch your next book, you’ll immediately get more than 25 customer reviews the first day your book is released.. One of the most important things an author can do for their book is to launch it with a lot of Amazon customer reviews.. How it works : You have to make the condition that, if they want a book, they have to agree to leave a review on Amazon on the launch date.. Because if you just send out books and hope people will leave reviews .. One week before your book launches, send an email to everyone on your ARC Reviewer list, reminding them of both your publication date and their commitment to leave a review.. Thanks again for agreeing to review my new book [TITLE OF THE BOOK] !. How it works : This is a polite way to remind your reviewers that they agreed to leave a review on launch day.. The night before your book launch, schedule an email to go out to your ARC Reviewer MailChimp list at 6:00 am Eastern Time the following morning.. After the first week of your launch, send every single person on your list who posted a review (even if they didn’t post it on launch day) a personalized Thank You email.

I often see authors online asking either how to get more book reviews. Some authors seem to have dozens or hundreds. Is there some secret?

I often see authors online asking either how to get more book reviews, or how many book reviews can they expect.. We all know them: buying reviews, reviewing your own books, asking family members to give your book a five-star review, swapping reviews with other authors, offering reviewers a gift or an entry into a prize draw.. While many Amazon reviewers are simply providing random reviews on books or products they’ve used and liked (or not), a growing number are reviewing books or products they’ve been provided with in exchange for a review.. Some people recommend starting with the Amazon Top 10,000 Reviewers list, as these are the most prolific and helpful reviewers and are therefore most likely to accept review requests.. (The easiest way to become a Top 10,000 Reviewer is to review the Free App of the Day, as it’s guaranteed to get you a lot of votes, and votes are more important than total number of reviews in improving reviewer ranking.). Rather than focusing on Top Reviewers, focus on people who have reviewed books similar to yours, especially if they have also reviewed self-published books.. Many Amazon reviewers also have book blogs, which is even better: the more sites a review is posted on, the better for your book.. If you find an Amazon reviewer who agrees to review your book, you’ve got a 50% or better chance of getting a review (personally, I review over 95% of the titles I accept for review, but I know some bloggers review as few as 30%.. Visit the tour company’s website, find some books similar to yours, see which reviewers have reviewed them positively, visit those reviewer websites, check out their reviewing guidelines, and contact those who are open to unsolicited requests.. Check out any potential reviewers before sending your book off to them, to ensure they are the right reviewer for your book.. Hall likes these reviews, as she finds they are honest reviews from people who are interested in her and her books, and she reports that most people who request a review copy via Twitter do follow up with a review.. I’d add one proviso: don’t ask for reviews on your regular Facebook page, as your objective is obtaining reviews from people you don’t know in real life, not an Amazon page full of “friends and family” reviews.

One strategy that can help catapult your book to page one on Amazon results are your Amazon book reviews. Of course, your book needs to be categorized well on Amazon (with the right keywords and categories). It needs to be well-written, too! But after these “givens” reviews rock. Why are Amazon Book Reviews Important? #1:...  Read more

One strategy that can help catapult your book to page one on Amazon results are your Amazon book reviews.. If you start reviewing related books (and others) now, it will be much easier to ask colleagues to write Amazon book reviews for your book later.. Include a request for Amazon book reviews (and book reviews in general), again, if they love the book.. You can include a QR code on the bookmark for easy purchase with a phone, plus a request that, “If you love TITLE, please review it on Amazon and elsewhere.” 47 Amazon Book Reviews in Just a Few Weeks!. So, add that to your book launch plan, in addition to asking for Amazon book reviews.


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