Legit Ways to Get Free Fortnite Skins (No Code Generator Needed!) - MoneyPantry (2022)

Legit Ways to Get Free Fortnite Skins (No Code Generator Needed!) - MoneyPantry (1)If you’re looking for free Fortnite skins then you already know what Fortnite is and don’t need me to tell you that it is one of the most popular free online games with more tan 350 million registered users.

Spending hours playing Fortnite is easy to do since the game is so fun After a while of playing though, you may grow a little tired of your character’s outfit and want to change it up.

Sadly, skins/outfits on Fortnite are not free. If you don’t have much cash or maybe you just don’t want to spend it on games, then you may want to know if there’s any way that you can get free Fortnite skins.

Well, you’re in luck. Although not easy – I’ll be honest! – it is possible to get some free skins for the game.

Now, this will require a little bit of effort on your part. Before you ask, “What about a free Fortnite skin generator?” I’ll save you some hassle – don’t try them. They are scams. I’ll discuss why a little more later in the post.

While there may not be a generator you can use, I do have a really simple step-by-step guide for you.

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How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite

Okay, here’s my step-by-step guide to getting some outfits or skins for your game without having to pay for them.

Step One: Focus on V-Bucks

Okay, so there’s nowhere giving away free skins, but what you can do is simple:

Earn V-Bucks. As you likely know, unless you’re totally new to the game, Fortnite has its own in-game currency that’s called V-Bucks. It’s similar to Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox. And just like there are ways to get free Robux, there are also ways to get V-Bucks for free.

This virtual currency is used to purchase items in the game, and this includes, you guessed it, skins!

Yes, V-Bucks can be used to purchase outfits on Fortnite. So V-bucks equals skins.

The problem then starts again though – don’t I need to pay for V-Bucks?

Well, in step two, I have a solution for you.

Step Two: Get free V-Bucks

My solution is simple and it’s to earn some V-Bucks. Again, I’m not talking about V-Buck generators as those are scams also.

No, I’m talking about getting your hands on free V-Bucks legitimately.


There are lots of ways to do that.

Here’s how:

Option 1: Get them through Battle Royale

Get money for skins playing Battle Royale through the Free Pass and Battle Pass. Each season, players are given access to the Free Pass and the option to purchase the Battle Pass.

Both passes allow you to earn V-Bucks as you progress through the levels of the Battle Pass. This isn’t the quickest way to earn, but if you are playing the game already, then it is an easy way to get some free cash to spend on skins.

Option 2: Try Idle Empire

If you are a gamer who’s looking for freebies, then I would recommend that you try out a website called Idle Empire.

For those who aren’t familiar with Idle Empire, it’s basically a rewards site designed for gamers. So, you can do tasks on there to earn free skins, games, cryptocurrencies, and V-Bucks.

With the site, you can earn rewards when you:

  • Play games
  • Complete offers
  • Take surveys
  • Complete offers walls
  • Watch videos
  • Refer friends

You can then use your rewards to get free games, skins, in-game purchases and so on. For example, you can earn a free Minecraft account, free RuneScape account and even Free Steam Wallet codes and of course Fortnite skins.

Option 3: Login to earn in Save the World

Save the World allows you to earn V-Bucks simply by logging in. For each day that you log in, you’ll get rewards, and sometimes, you’ll earn a small number of V-Bucks, which can really add up over time. This isn’t the quickest way to make money for skins, but it is easy and definitely worth doing.

Option 4: Try GrabPoints

Another option is to try a website called GrabPoints. It’s a rewards website that give you free V-Bucks codes when you:

  • Watch videos
  • Download apps
  • Complete offers
  • Take surveys
  • Refer friends

It’s not just V-Bucks on offer either. GrabPoints also offers PayPal payments. This means that, if you want to, you can redeem your rewards to your PayPal account and then use that cash to get free skins in Fortnite.

There are also lots of gift cards and codes available for places like:

  • Xbox store
  • PlayStation store
  • Google Play
  • Fortnite
  • Nintendo eShop
  • Microsoft store

These rewards are ideal for anyone who loves to play games.

And, there are Visa gift cards available that you can use to fund your Fortnite balance.

Overall, GrabPoints offers a lot of options for anyone who wants free cash to spend in-game!

Option 5: Get them through quests and challenges in Save the World

Did you know that you could actually get some free skins just by completing quests and challenges in Save the World?

Well, you can! If you have the Save the World version of the game, then you can earn by completing quests like some daily quests, and Storm Shield Defense Missions. Some challenges also reward you with V-Bucks for completing them.

Challenges and quests actually display their rewards so you can see whether free V-Bucks are on offer. Go to the “Quests” tab in the game to see which rewards are available.

Step Three: Get your free Fortnite skins

Now, you have V-Bucks in hand that you didn’t have to buy – that’s awesome, right?

Use your free V-Bucks to purchase all of the in-game outfits that you want. If you decide that you want to purchase more in the future, then simply go back to the previous step and earn yourself more V-Bucks.

If you decided to go with PayPal instead, then you will need to first use that cash to purchase your V-Bucks, and then, again, simply use them in-store to unlock free skins.

Bonus Tip: Look out for Promotions

Okay, so above, my method for getting free skins for Fortnite involved first getting your hands on free V-Bucks and then using those to get new outfits at no cost. But, I do have one more tip for you to try.

And, it’s a simple one.

Basically, you want to look out for special offers and promos from Epic Games which is the studio that produced the game.

Now, Epic Games will sometimes offer some free outfits/skins as a sort of bonus to players. This is usually as part of a promotional period or a particular season like Christmas, for example.

There have been many times in the past when Epic Games has offered promos where you could get free Fortnite skins.

One example of a promo offered by Epic Games was one a few years back where Amazon Prime subscribers could get a free outfit.

Basically, if you were an Amazon Prime member already, then you would have Twitch Prime. The only issue is that Amazon Prime isn’t free costing $12.99 a month or $119 for an annual subscription.

For players who already had an Amazon Prime membership, then a Twitch Prime subscription came along free with it.

Through the promo, with Twitch Prime, gamers could unlock free loot, which included a free outfit. Now, this promo is no longer on offer.

Another example of a previous promo was when Epic Games gave away free Fortnite skins with the purchase of Borderlands 3.

The best way to view free skin offers is to visit the Epic Games website often to see if there are any promos available. The news section of the site is particularly good for keeping up with promos.

Reddit is also a pretty good place to keep up with promotions because lots of players list them on there, like in this thread. Keep up to date with promos on this subreddit.

Avoid Free Fortnite Skin Generators

If you have been trying to get free Fortnite skins for a while, you’ve probably come across websites and ads with titles like “Free Fortnite skins generator” or “Free Fortnite skin codes no human verification“.

Although those generators that claim to give out skins seem good, they are not. They are usually scams where the site basically wants to steal important information from you like banking details or download some virus on your computer.

None of the so-called Fortnite skin codes their “generator” creates work. They are just a bunch of useless codes. So don’t ever download free skins from such sites. Your best bet would be to avoid them altogether and try my options above.

Closing Thoughts

Getting free Fortnite skins isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Sadly, these generators that just claim to hand them out for free are no good and are in fact scams. So do avoid those.

If you are willing to put in a little effort either by playing the game, using those reward sites I mentioned above to earn free V-Bucks or by keeping an eye out for promos from Epic Games you can actually get your hands on lots of free skins.

Do you have any tips on how to get free skins in Fortnite? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

Can you really get free skins in Fortnite? The short answer is Yes! There are a legit few different methods you can use to get free skins today.

With some of the 1000+ items in the Fortnite Item Shop costing 2000 V Bucks each it’s no surprise Fortnite fans are clamoring for a free alternative to obtain baller Fortnite skins.. On top of Epic Games’ effort there are also third party sites that users can take part in to redeem free Fortnite skins.. All of these offer walls are viable options, but we stand by our choice of Freecash.com as the best offer wall to earn free Fortnite skins.. The most popular method to earn free skins in Fortnite is through the Fortnite Battle Pass.. The Fortnite Battle Pass gives players free exclusive rewards, like skins, gliders, back bling, and even V Bucks for every level they earn in a Fortnite season.. From Fortnite Season 8 - 11 there were battle pass skins available for free to any player, just for leveling up through the game.. Another fantastic method for getting free Fortnite skins is through Epic Games promotional offers.. The only way to obtain the Honor Guard skin in game is to complete the Huawei Fortnite skin promotion .. Fortnite regularly hosts Fortnite Battle Royale tournaments where top placing teams earn free in-game cosmetics.. During the Venom Cup players battled it out in Fortnite Battle Royale for a chance to win the popular Marvel Character Venom’s Fortnite skin.. Log into Fortnite on the day of your tournament, and click on “PLAY” on the Battle Royale banner.. Click the change game mode section, all tournaments will be under the “Fortnite Competitive” section.. If you stumble across a free skin generator on your search for free Fortnite skins you should know that these do not work.

There are several ways to get skins and items in Fortnite. Through V-Bucks in the item shop or some of the special versions that you can get for free.

Image credit: Epic Games There are several ways to get skins and items in Fortnite: they can be purchased through V-Bucks in the item shop, but there are also special versions that you can get for free.. First of all, players who choose to invest in the Battle Pass system can make progress and unlock some very special outfits by simply playing the game.. Not only that, but each new season of competitive play also brings new items to unlock, so there's always something new to discover.. This is what the last bundle offered:. Battle Royale "True North" back accessory: Find your way.. These usually contain skins and V-Bucks, but sometimes also additional items.. (Image credit: Epic Games) Fortnite is not only playable on consoles, but also on mobile phones.. But not only are there special skins for the purchase of a mobile phone, there is also a free skin when buying a certain graphics card.. Counterattack Bundle.. (Image credit: Epic Games) There is one last way to get free skins and that is by paying V-Bucks to exchange them for skins in the shop.. After all, the purchase price is already cheaper than two Battle Pass packages and you get a full game in addition.. In the future, Fortnite: Save the World , just like Fortnite: Battle Royale , will also be playable for free.

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