MBBS Abroad Fees in 2022: What Is The Cost Of Studying MBBS In Abroad? (2023)

Are the MBBS foreign fees cheaper than your home country? Did you know that almost all international students prefer to study a few subjects abroad? This is because international education offers twice more educational offerings at an affordable rate. In India, studying MBBS isn’t just expensive but also has fewer chances of a student getting accepted into a good medical university.

For years now, international education has become a prominent choice, especially for students looking to pursue MBBS studies. While the quality of education is one factor, the affordability of abroad MBBS fees structure plays a vital role too. So if you’re looking to study abroad and are wondering what to expect from the fees for MBBS in abroad, this blog will be your guide.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Types Of MBBS Abroad Fees
  2. What Is The Abroad MBBS Fees Structure?
  3. What Is The Living Cost Of MBBS In Abroad?
  4. Other Essential Costs Included In MBBS Foreign Fees
  5. Frequently Asked Questions About MBBS Abroad Fees

Types Of MBBS Abroad Fees

While a few may claim that pursuing MBBS in abroad is related more to cost of living and MBBS in foreign countries fees, there are other related costs that are included with the former. Thus to help you have a better understanding, here are the types of costs included in MBBS abroad fees:

  • What Is The Abroad MBBS Fees Structure?
  • What Is The Living Cost Of MBBS In Abroad?
  • Other Essential Costs Included In MBBS Foreign Fees
  • Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Costs Included In Foreign MBBS Fees

What Is The Abroad MBBS Fees Structure?

The first cost factor that we will consider is the abroad MBBS fees. The one tip you need to keep in mind is to study MBBS abroad fee structure will differ based on your location and university choice.

Thus, to give you a better overview, we have listed 5 popular countries known for their MBBS education and their MBBS in abroad fee structure.

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1. Nepal

Nepal is also a good option worth considering. The country is home to the finest medical universities, and there are well-equipped medical facilities that help enhance the learning experience of international students here.

College/University Name

Tuition Fees (INR & USD)

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences

Approx. INR 11.2 Lakhs / USD 14800

College Of Medical Sciences

Approx. INR 7.5 Lakhs / USD 10000

2. China

China, a country with a great education infrastructure, can also be a great option to pursue MBBS abroad. Here are a few top colleges from China with five-year tuition fees. Also, the hostel fees will cost you around INR 4 Lakh to INR 6 Lakhs / USD 5300 to USD 7900.

College/University Name

Tuition Fees (INR & USD)

Shandong University

Approx. INR 27 Lakhs / USD 36000

Fudan University

5 Years MBBS - Approx. INR 45 Lakhs / USD 60000

3. Russia

Russia is known for its affordable cost of living. Because of the highly subsidized fee by the Russian Ministry of Health & Education, many students prefer MBBS in Russia. Here are a few top colleges from Russia with six-year tuition fees. Also, the hostel fees will cost you around INR 5 Lakh to INR 7 Lakhs / USD 6600 to USD 9500.

College/University Name

Tuition Fees (INR & USD)

Kazan State Medical University

Approx. 31 Lakhs / USD 41000

Mari State University

Approx. 23 Lakhs / USD 31000

4. Georgia

A world-renowned research infrastructure makes Georgia an attractive place to study for international students every year. The hostel fees will cost you around INR 5 Lakh to INR 7 Lakhs / USD 6600 to USD 9500. MBBS in Georgia 6 Year Tuition fees of the top colleges are given below.

College/University Name

Tuition Fees (INR & USD)

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Approx. 27.44 Lakhs / USD 36100

European University

Approx. 22.87 Lakhs / USD 30100

5. Ukraine

There is a reason why Ukraine has become a popular destination for international students, especially Indian students. The MBBS abroad fees here are cheaper when compared to other countries, and despite this, the value of medical education isn’t affected. The hostel fees in Ukraine will cost you around INR 5 Lakh (6600 USD) for six years.

College/University Name

Course Duration

Tuition Fees (INR & USD)

Kharkiv National Medical University

MD (Doctor of Medicine) 6 Years

Approx. INR 27.45 Lakhs / 36100 USD (Six-Year Tuition Fees)

M. Gorky National Medical University (DMNU)

General Medicine MBBS/MD 6 Years

Approx. INR 3.1 Lakhs / USD 4100 (First-Year Tuition Fees)

What Is The Living Cost Of MBBS In Abroad?

Now we move forward to calculating another cost that is also included in your cost of MBBS in abroad structure. Living cost again differs based on the location you choose, the university selected, and the area you choose to live in.

Here is an overview of what the cost of living would look like in different locations when studying MBBS there:

Medical Colleges in the Countries

Monthly Cost of Living


30,276 KZT


53,335 NPR


12,000 CHF-16,000 CHF


5,000 DKK-8,000 DKK


2000 CNY

Other Essential Costs Included In MBBS Foreign Fees

Apart from the above two listed costs, there is another set of cost factors that you need to consider which is also included in the MBBS course fees in abroad. Here is an overview of the same:

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  • Student Visa Fees

When applying to any international destination, students are required to pay student visa fees in order to make their entry into that country. When submitting documents, students are also required to show proof of the same.

Here is the visa fees for some of the countries:


Cost of Student Visa


3,400 KZT+1200 (ICWT cost) (Valid for 5 years)


9740 NPR (Valid for 5 years)


Single entry costs 4320 RUB, Double-entry costs 9720 RUB, and multiple entries cost 12960 RUB

  • Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is one of the most common and important expense when planning to study abroad. While in a few countries, students are expected to pay for their own medical insurance, a few of them ask students to pay during their MBBS in foreign countries fees payments.

Here is an overview for some study abroad destinations:



Medical Insurance Fees


North Kazakhstan State University

89,992 KZT/year


Lobachevsky University

7800 RUB/year

  • Interview Fees

Mostly, universities abroad will schedule an interview with international students to learn more about them. While many conduct the interview online and without any cost, there are a few countries that have a fee to pay, for instance, in France, it is 159 EUR

Note: Check the universities official website to capture any other relevant essential costs that could be included in study MBBS abroad fee structure.

Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Costs Included In Foreign MBBS Fees

The last category of cost that is included in the MBBS course fees in abroad is the pre-arrival and post-arrival costs. This cost gives you a better understanding of your expenditure before and after you enter a country to pursue MBBS studies.

Let’s understand both factors in detail:


  • Pre-Arrival Costs

1. Entrance Exams

For Indian students, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is one exam that they need to undertake to enroll in any MBBS university either in India or abroad. Students should ensure they achieve good scores to get accepted into their dream university.

Here are the NEET application charges for Indian students:


1,600 INR

Other backward class

1,500 INR

Scheduled Caste, Tribe, Disability

900 INR

Outside India

8,500 INR

Apart from NEET, there are also other charges which universities ensure students undertake during their admission process such as MCAT, etc. Ensure you check the universities website for the same.

2. Flight Tickets

To determine the flight tickets, you're arrival and departure location matters. For instance, travelling to Russia to study MBBS from Delhi will be your ticket price:

Delhi To Russia (One-Way)

24,000- 44,200 INR

Delhi To Moscow (One-Way)

24,913- 2,31,988 INR

  • Post-Arrival Costs
  • Tuition Fees

The tuition fee will differ based on your academic choices. As stated earlier, different universities charge various amounts keeping multiple things into consideration. Here is an overview of the same:


Tuition Fees


1,550 CHF -6,500 CHF/year


50,000 DKK- 60,000 DKK/ year


34,000 - 75,000 CNY/year

  • Cost of Living

Apart from the categories specified above, the cost of living is also determined by the lifestyle choices you make. Here is an overview of the same:


Cost of Living


600 EUR- 800 EUR/month


15,000 RUB - 35,000 RUB/month


£1300 a month

MBBS studies should always be pursued at an institute that offers quality medical education. With this blog, you are now aware that you can study MBBS with affordable foreign MBBS fees. You now have all the details to get started, so which MBB abroad college are you planning to apply to first?

Frequently Asked Questions About MBBS Abroad Fees

Ques: Which country has the lowest fees for MBBS abroad?

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Ans: Bangladesh, Nepal, China, and Ukraine are the cheapest countries to study MBBS abroad. These countries are a popular choice due to the cost of MBBS in abroad fee structure.

Ques: Is there a way to study MBBS for free?

Ans: Indeed the MBBS course fees abroad are high in a few countries. Despite this, there are a few countries with very competitive pricing. One should definitely look out for scholarships for MBBS to get some monetary benefit to pursue their course. But apart from this, as seen above there are also a few countries that have MBBS colleges that offer MBBS abroad fees.

Ques: Why study MBBS abroad? Why can't I opt for MBBS in Indian private medical institutions?

Ans: A large number of Indian students want to study MBBS abroad due to the high costs of private medical institutions in India. The major attraction point of studying MBBS abroad is the cheaper MBBS in abroad fee structure.

Ques: What are the average living costs and fees for studying MBBS abroad?

Ans: The abroad MBBS fees differ based on the country and university chosen. However, fees for MBBS in Abroad are 3800 to 8000 USD Per Year and living Cost in Abroad is 100 - 250 USD Per Month

Ques: Do universities overseas charge capitation fees for MBBS programs?

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Ans: The top-ranked universities based overseas do not charge capitation fees for admission to different courses.


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