What is an Argumentative Essay - Examples, Topics, and Tips (2023)

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An argumentative essay requires extensive research on a topic or a subject in order to present arguments. To write a strong argumentative essay, the quality of research matters a lot.

Empirical research is also done in such cases where the student conducts interviews, surveys, and other relevant on-ground research methods to prove their chosen side.

The purpose of conducting such extensive research is to build a thesis statement for argumentative essay that is not only relevant but also followed by sound reasoning.

Are you looking for a guide to writing an excellent argumentative essay?

Your search is over because this blog contains examples and guides along with compelling topics.

Argumentative Essay Definition

An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing that demands the writer to pick a side and then defend it after extensive research and by providing sound reasoning.

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In-depth research builds the credibility of the essay and also increases the writer’s knowledge. The writer will be able to defend his stance better when he has enough information on the topic.

The most important part of argumentative research papers is the thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis statement allows the reader to clearly understand the side you have chosen and how you will move on to defend your stance.

Types of Arguments to Use in an Essay

An argumentative essay is not restricted to one type of structure. There are three types of argumentative essay structure that can be followed to present an argumentative essay:

  1. 1. Classical
  2. Use the Classical type of argument if your audience doesn’t have much background information on the topic.

    It is the simplest way to structure and support your argumentative essay. Although it is very simple, it is still very famous because of how effectively the information is outlined.

  3. 2. Rogerian
  4. The Rogerian style of argument sheds some light on the opposing side of the arguments as well with the intention to prove why the side you chose is better. If you have a polarizing topic, then this style will be perfect.

  5. 3. Toulmin
  6. The Toulmin style is similar to the Rogerian style because it can also be used for polarizing topics. However, the writer only focuses on the stance they chose instead of providing an opposing argument too.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays have an easy-to-follow structure that helps readers understand what is written. Start with creating an argumentative essay outline first, so you don’t miss any important parts of an argumentative essay and also get the most out of it.

An argumentative essay format is similar to the format of other types of essays that start with an introduction and end with a concluding paragraph.

If you want to write a good argumentative essay outline for high school or college, follow the proper style for an argumentative essay:

Argumentative Essay Introduction

“How to start an argumentative essay?”

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Briefly introduce your topic and give the audience a little background information. Make sure that you use a hook line to start your argumentative essay introduction and end the paragraph with a strong thesis statement.

Now that you know how to write an argumentative essay intro, let’s move on to the body paragraphs.

Keep in mind that a thesis statement is short, to the point, and summarizes the main point of your stance. A thesis statement example for an argumentative essay is given below:

“Most people would agree that junk food is bad for your health. Because junk food is bad for your health, the size of sodas offered at fast-food restaurants should be regulated by the federal government is a debatable thesis.”

Argumentative Essay Body Paragraphs

A winning argumentative essay has 3 or more body paragraphs that provide reasonings to the audience as to why you supported this side of the argument.

Each of these paragraphs should cover a different topic sentence so the audience can understand different aspects of the argument and agree with you. Use these paragraphs wisely to share the examples, research, and surveys that strengthen your side of the argument.

Once the readers are exposed to these facts, your argument will be easier to conclude and the readers will have something to think about.

Argumentative Essay Conclusion

After providing examples and reasonings to prove your stance, reiterate the argumentative essay thesis statement in the conclusion paragraph.

Your conclusion should be fact-based, appealing to the readers, and can also have a personal touch to it.

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Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative essays can be understood by reading this argumentative essay PDF. We can’t give you free argumentative essay examples but you can take guidance from the ones mentioned here.

University students can read these argumentative essay sample to get an idea of what a well-structured essay looks like.

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Argumentative Essay Example for University Students
Argumentative Essay on Social Media
5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Examples
Pro-choice Argumentative Essay Example
Argumentative Essay on Co-Education

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Good Argumentative Essay Topics (2022)

The first step to writing an argumentative essay is finding the right topic. Do you want exceptional argumentative essay topics for college students?

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Here are some topics for argumentative essay that you can choose for your essay:

  • Did the United States Civil War improve the situation of the country or make it worse?
  • Are POC given equal rights in America when it comes to the workplace environment?
  • If healthcare is a basic human right, why is still not free for all?
  • No one should have the right to own a gun, is it correct?
  • Do you think the production of cigarettes should be completely banned?
  • How should taboo topics be approached to initiate dialogue?
  • Should we learn from history or just take it as a subject?
  • Can we ever get rid of the capitalist system?
  • Which political party’s ideology can lead us to a better future?
  • LGBTQ community is often used as a prop to talk about equality, are there any actions taken?

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Tips to Draft an Argumentative Essay

If you want to improve your argumentative essay writing, follow these tips:

  • Once you begin your essay research, it is critical to brainstorm facts that cover the entire topic. Make sure that you have enough information on the opposing side of the argument as well.
  • Start your essay by clearly describing your topic, so the reader doesn’t get lost reading the essay.
  • Instead of using words like, “I think”, write facts with sound reasonings so the reader knows that you have done proper research and are not just expressing your opinions.
  • Make sure that all the information that you have used has proper references and is cited. This will increase the credibility of your work.

With the tips given in this blog, you can start working on your essay right away. If you are still struggling to write an argumentative, persuasive essay or any other type of essay that is bound to impress your teacher, leave it to EssayWriter.College.

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What are 3 good topics for an essay? ›

Some great ideas for your essay topic are:
  • Your favorite childhood memory.
  • Most recent travel experience.
  • The death of a friend or relative that influenced you.
  • The loss of a pet that changed your life.
  • Your best friend and how you met.
  • Your first time on a plane.
  • The first book you read.
  • The worst memory you have.
6 Jun 2022

What is an argumentative essay with examples? ›

A good argumentative essay uses evidence and facts to support the claim it's making apart from the writer's thoughts and opinions to make strong reasoning. For example, you wanted to write an argumentative essay testifying that New York is a great destination to with your group of friends for a trip.

What are the tips of argumentative essay? ›

The argumentative essay requires well-researched, accurate, detailed, and current information to support the thesis statement and consider other points of view. Some factual, logical, statistical, or anecdotal evidence should support the thesis.

What is the best topic for students? ›

Good Essay Topics for Students
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Internet and its usage.
  • Importance of friends.
  • My favorite book.
  • Global warming.
  • Your favorite fruit.
  • Life without a mobile phone.
  • Life goals.

What is a good argument topic for school? ›

Animals should not be kept in zoos. Happiness is more important than success. The driving age should be raised to 18. The drinking age should be lowered to 18.

What are the best topics? ›

Conversation Topics For Anyone
  • “What is your favorite thing about your personality?”
  • “What do you love most about your home?”
  • “What's one habit you want to get rid of and one habit you want to keep?”
  • “What was the first big purchase you made as an adult?”
  • “What does a perfect day with the family look like?”
5 days ago

How do I find my essay topic? ›

Choosing the topic

Your topic should be something that you already know something about, something you would like to learn more about, and something you care about. Also consider what topics you react to, are puzzled by, are skeptical about, or which inspire you.

What is a good essay starter? ›

Below is a list of possible sentence starters, transitional and other words that may be useful. This essay discusses … … is explored … … is defined … The definition of … will be given … is briefly outlined … … is explored … The issue focused on …. … is demonstrated ... … is included …

What is an example of an argument by example? ›

For example, a French biologist might describe an interesting characteristic of ours blanc to a Greek biologist. The Greek biologist might then respond that she has noted a similar characteristic in πολική αρκούδα. If they had begun by calling the animal Ursus arctos, they might have saved time and avoided confusion.

What is an example of a topic sentence in an argumentative essay? ›

Topic Sentence: There are many reasons why pollution in ABC Town is the worst in the world. The topic is "pollution in ABC Town is the worst in the world" and the controlling idea is "many reasons."

How do you start a good argument? ›

Aristotelian (Classic)
  1. Introduce the problem.
  2. Explain your perspective.
  3. Explain your opponent's perspective. Refute their points one-by-one as you go.
  4. Present your evidence.
  5. Conclude your argument.
2 Jun 2022

What are the 5 main parts of an argumentative essay? ›

Information is used, but it is organized based on these major components of an argument: claim, reason, evidence, counter-claim, and rebuttal.

What are the 5 paragraphs in an argumentative essay? ›

The five-paragraph essay structure consists of, in order: one introductory paragraph that introduces the main topic and states a thesis, three body paragraphs to support the thesis, and one concluding paragraph to wrap up the points made in the essay.

What are the 5 types of argumentative essay? ›

Types of argumentative essays include persuasive, research, analysis and personal essays.

What are the 5 common topics? ›

The five common topics are: definition, comparison, circumstance, relationship, and authority. We start with definition. If two people can't agree on the definition of whatever they want to discuss, there's no point in moving forward with the conversation.

What are the latest essay topics? ›

Essay Topics on Technology in Daily Life
  • Social Media Essay.
  • My Favourite Game Essay.
  • Mobile Phones Essay.
  • Technology Essay.
  • Essay on Science.
  • Uses Of Internet Essay.
  • Cyber Crime Essay.
  • Essay On Internet.

What are the 7 types of arguments? ›

The following are the primary types of arguments used in daily life:
  • Causal argument. ...
  • Rebuttal argument. ...
  • Proposal argument. ...
  • Evaluation argument. ...
  • Narrative argument. ...
  • Toulmin argument. ...
  • Rogerian argument. ...
  • Classical Western argument.
11 May 2021

What argument should I write about? ›

50 Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas
  • Should fracking be legal?
  • Should parents be able to modify their unborn children?
  • Do GMOs help or harm people?
  • Should vaccinations be required for students to attend public school?
  • Should world governments get involved in addressing climate change?
11 Jun 2019

What are examples of topics? ›

Topic Examples
  • Education: Sex education, homeschooling, school bullying, non-smoking campus, learning disabilities, Common Core, affirmative action.
  • Equality/Human Rights: ...
  • Community/Social Issues: ...
  • Romantic Relationships: ...
  • Family/Friends: ...
  • Recreation/Hobbies: ...
  • Work: ...
  • Identity/Appearance:

How can I make my topic attractive? ›

5 Simple Ways to Make Any Topic Interesting
  1. Start by asking a question. Open with a question that will pull readers in, catch them off guard or make them think. ...
  2. Make the topic relatable. As Dale Carnegie said, “People aren't interested in you. ...
  3. Tell a story. ...
  4. Connect your topic to current events or trends. ...
  5. Inject humor.
11 Dec 2020

What is the most common essay topic? ›

Essays Topics About Yourself
  • My Family.
  • My Best Friend.
  • My Hobby.
  • My Mother.
  • My Father.
  • My Favourite Teacher.
  • My Aim In Life.
  • My Favourite Game – Badminton.

How do you start an essay with your own questions? ›

4 Ways to Come Up With a Great Essay Idea
  1. Answer the question you want answered. The best way to come up with an idea for an essay is to consider what the question is that you would like to see answered. ...
  2. Look at the context. ...
  3. Use your third idea. ...
  4. Use unconventional brainstorming techniques.

What is the first step in choosing topic? ›

When deciding on a topic, there are a few things that you will need to do:
  • Brainstorm for ideas.
  • Choose a topic that will enable you to read and understand the articles and books you find.
  • Ensure that the topic is manageable and that material is available.
  • Make a list of key words.
  • Be flexible.
21 Oct 2022

What words start a sentence? ›

Used at the beginning of a sentence, these words signal to you that a sentence opener follows: After, Although, As, Because, Before, If, Since, Unless, Until, When, While. Place a comma here, not a period.

How can I start a sentence? ›

10 Tips for Starting a Sentence
  1. Consider your central theme. Before you get started constructing a sentence, consider what your essential point is. ...
  2. Examine the previous sentence. ...
  3. Use transition words. ...
  4. Use a preposition. ...
  5. Try a subject opener. ...
  6. Try a clausal opener. ...
  7. Use an “ing” word. ...
  8. Use an “ed” word.
7 Sept 2021

How do you start a topic sentence? ›

How to write a topic sentence
  1. Identify the main point in your piece of writing. Think about the overall topic for your writing. ...
  2. Write a sentence that connects to your main idea with a what and a why. ...
  3. Use the sentence you created as an opening statement. ...
  4. Create the first sentence in each supporting paragraph.

How do you write an argumentative essay example? ›

Approaches to argumentative essays
  1. Make a claim.
  2. Provide the grounds (evidence) for the claim.
  3. Explain the warrant (how the grounds support the claim)
  4. Discuss possible rebuttals to the claim, identifying the limits of the argument and showing that you have considered alternative perspectives.
24 Jul 2020

What are the 4 types of arguments? ›

Different Types Of Arguments: Deductive And Inductive Arguments
  • Type 1: Deductive Arguments.
  • Type 2: Inductive Arguments.
  • Type 3: Toulmin Argument.
  • Type 4: Rogerian Argument.
21 Sept 2020

What are 3 examples of a topic sentence? ›

Topic Sentence: Cooking requires a number of different skills. The topic is "cooking" and the controlling idea is "many different skills." Topic Sentence: It is important to be ready before buying a house. The topic is "buying a house" and the controlling idea is “it is important to be ready."

Can you give me an example of argument? ›

Here is an example of an argument: If you want to find a good job, you should work hard. You do want to find a good job. So you should work hard.

What is a good topic sentence for an essay? ›

A good topic sentence is specific enough to give a clear sense of what to expect from the paragraph, but general enough that it doesn't give everything away. You can think of it like a signpost: it should tell the reader which direction your argument is going in.

How does an essay start? ›

Your essay introduction should include three main things, in this order: An opening hook to catch the reader's attention. Relevant background information that the reader needs to know. A thesis statement that presents your main point or argument.

How do you start an argument in a paragraph? ›

Structure of an Argumentative Paragraph

The basic and most simple outline is similar to the basic paragraph structure: Introduce the main idea in the first topic sentence. Support the main idea in the following sentences (2-5 sentences possibly). Draw your conclusion while restating the main idea in the last sentence.

What are the 3 main parts of an argument? ›

A typical argument contains three primary elements: a claim or thesis. statement(s) of reason(s) evidence / support / proofs / counterarguments.

How do I write an essay? ›

Tips for effective writing
  1. Start writing early —the earlier the better. ...
  2. Keep the essay question in mind. ...
  3. Don't try to write an essay from beginning to end, especially not in a single sitting. ...
  4. Write the introduction and conclusion after the body. ...
  5. Use 'signpost' words in your writing. ...
  6. Integrate your evidence carefully.
21 Oct 2022

What are the 4 elements of a good argument? ›

Arguments can be divided into four general components: claim, reason, support, and warrant. Claims are statements about what is true or good or about what should be done or believed. Claims are potentially arguable.

What is the first step in writing an argumentative essay? ›

The first paragraph of your essay should outline the topic, provide background information necessary to understand your argument, outline the evidence you will present and states your thesis.

How do you begin a conclusion? ›

To begin your conclusion, signal that the essay is coming to an end by returning to your overall argument. Don't just repeat your thesis statement—instead, try to rephrase your argument in a way that shows how it has been developed since the introduction.

What are the 6 techniques for argumentative writing? ›

6 Strategies for Writing Arguments
  • Distinguishing Argumentation from Persuasion. National writing standards and the tests that assess them focus on argumentation rather than persuasion. ...
  • Forming an Opinion Statement. ...
  • Appealing to the Audience. ...
  • Connecting with Anecdotes. ...
  • Answering Objections. ...
  • Avoiding Logical Fallacies.

What are some good argumentative essay topics 2022? ›

10 Argumentative Essay Topics For College
  • Unrequited love in the world famous books.
  • Correct upbringing of children and adolescents.
  • Patriotism in the United States.
  • Choosing a future profession.
  • The role of art and culture in the life of every person.
  • US culture in the 21st century.
1 Jun 2022

What is the 5 argumentative essay? ›

The five parts include ​a strong introductory paragraph with a clear thesis, three body paragraphs substantiated with detailed evidence, and a compelling conclusion. ​ Students should also use transitional words and phrases to guide readers through their arguments.

What are some good argumentative essay topics for middle school? ›

33 Middler Schooler Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas
  • Do people have a right to Internet access?
  • Do violent video games make people more likely to be violent in real life?
  • Is it ever fair for minorities to receive special treatment or consideration?
  • Does the average American have a healthy diet?
14 Oct 2018

How do you find a good topic for an essay? ›

Choosing the topic

Your topic should be something that you already know something about, something you would like to learn more about, and something you care about. Also consider what topics you react to, are puzzled by, are skeptical about, or which inspire you.

What are the 3 types of arguments? ›

Aristotle postulated three argumentative appeals: logical, ethical, and emotional. Strong arguments have a balance of all of three, though logical (logos) is essential for a strong, valid argument.

How do you start an argumentative essay example? ›

To start an argumentative essay example, you need to write a brief and attractive introduction. It is written to convince the reader and make them understand your point of view. Add body paragraphs after the introduction to support your thesis statement.

What are the 4 important elements of a good argument essay? ›

Information is used, but it is organized based on these major components of an argument: claim, reason, evidence, counter-claim, and rebuttal.

What are the 2 common argumentative essay formats? ›

There are many possible approaches to argumentative essays, but there are two common models that can help you start outlining your arguments: The Toulmin model and the Rogerian model.


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